8 Steps To Make Your Accounting Practice Paperless

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The Paperless Office, a dream for most accountants; who are used to piles of paper and storage rooms full of archives. Also known as a Green office, – is a fast-evolving concept. Accounting firms are adopting new technologies and software to go paperless to store their documents on Cloud, reduce costs, free up their time and to move away from physical files and documents which get misplaced, damaged or lost and take up a lot of time  where you can be focusing on more important things in your business.

By going completely paperless in your accounting office you need to be an example to all of your office staff and make it a good Green Habit. Only you can set a great example and be an inspiration for your employees to follow.

Yes, it’s granted that you cannot turn into paperless office overnight, but you can eliminate the majority of it. It wouldn’t be mission impossible. I promise.

Even if you have so-called “Paper People” working for you that love to print every single email out or have a note pad with a pen by their side, believe me, they will eventually slowly adapt to the new paperless office idea and they will love it.

So How Your Accounting Practice Can Go Paperless?

Every accounting firm is different when it comes to changes especially when you decide on going paperless. Here are eight very simple steps to start with on how you can implement them into your accounting firm.

Say Goodbye to Bulky Expensive Scanners

  • These days all you need is Internet and software recommendations to get you started. Technology always saves the day – in the form of scanning apps like Receipt Bank   scans all of your invoices, receipts,  or ScanBot which scans letters, contracts and other important documents using just a camera of your smartphone. You can keep them safe and store them in the cloud for future use.

Use Cloud-Based Apps 

  • Why waste storage on your PC when your best friend is the Cloud. Keep all of your business documents safe, by using cool applications such as;
  • GoogleDrive – Storing Files and Documents
  • DropBox – Sharing Files
  • XERO – Accounting Software
  • HubDoc – Keep all of your financial docs in one place
  • eFileCabinet – Document Management Software

All of your documents will be in one central place which is super easy to find and access anytime from multiple devices.

Printer Out Of Order 

For the first week it will be a bit difficult, but be strict around the use of the printer. A little hint; you can place a sticker on the printer simply saying “Out Of Order” so that way you and your staff will remember to send all of the documents digitally.

Ditch Those NotePads 

Most of us love to take notes when we are sitting in the meeting room or speaking to a client over the phone and have those lose bits of paper scattering all over the desk.

When you hold a meeting with your staff make sure they bring laptops, smartphones or use iPad with Pencil as some people still love that feeling of the pen in their hands when jotting down notes.

There are a lot of alternatives you can introduce to help reduce or eliminate paper wastage in the office. Digital notebook applications such as;

Make sure you allow your staff to share, upload and make notes collaborative.

Ask Clients To Send You Documents and Invoices Digitally 

You can be annoying too in a good way! When your client wants to send you any document to you by post – you can always ask them to send you all of the documents digitally instead of the physical copies. That way it will not only save you time and effort but saves your client money for the paper and save the trees! They will thank you for it!

Some of the best applications you can use are; HubDoc and Receipt Bank and client portals can make this process easier.

Go Paperless with Bills and Documents

Keep green – going paperless with your monthly bills, office lease agreements and contracts its super quick and easy to register for an option to receive email notifications and newsletters and pay the bills online.

Switch To Instant Digital Receipt Scanner 

Get your hands on smart applications like Receipt Bank it’s a great solution to help you to snap and store all of your business purchase receipts and invoices in one place.

No paperwork is required or wasting time scanning them and entering each and every single receipt into the spreadsheets and filing. No more paperwork with secure online filing cabinet.

Gather Signatures Digitally 

e-Sign your business documents to client contracts without printing anything out. As we know most and every accounting business goes through hundreds or even thousands of signatures each year. Switching to HelloSign e-signatures will help you to take big strides toward paperless document management from your smartphone or desktop. They are also much secure, convenient and cost-effective.

So now it’s over to you!

With today’s technology solutions available at your fingertips a paperless office is within reach for businesses like yours. It might take a while to adjust to the idea, but our earth will thank you for it!

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