Growing your Accounting practice is not easy!

Do you find yourself

Chasing clients to submit their documentation on time

Running after staff to put in their time-sheets

Spending hours every month assigning tasks

Wondering if all of the disbursements have been issued / collected.

Most Importantly,
you wonder if your team is going to manage to finish all that work in time?

You may be a

Growth Minded Accountant

however you must have wondered…

How can I

Grow My Accounting Practice

Without thinking about it every moment of my existance


How does HERO save the day?

HERO comes into play as soon as you on-board your client(s). Allowing you to keep all their information in a single place; including all engagements and important documents. More than that it takes care of other critical elements so your team can work together seamlessly.

  • Client Database
  • Automated Notifications
  • Expense & Disbursement Tracking
  • Time Tracking & Billing
  • Work Planning
  • Instant Reports
  • Shared Data

Powerful reports. Providing insight!

Get to know your accounting practice through easy interactive reports.

Client Analysis

Explore profitability across your client base using a multitude of filtering options.

Employee Analysis

Identify the key bread-winners in your practice; and those who don't quite pull their weight.

Team Satisfaction

Learn about how your team interact with clients; with reports of each client experience.

Job Profitability

It's great to know the business is doing well; but doesn't it feel better to know you earn money on every job?


100 +



Reminders Sent


Timesheets Saved


Cups of Coffee

Plans and Pricing

Honest pricing. No surprises. No credit card required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have got the best answers for you.

What can I do with the free Trial?

The Free Trial gives you full access to HERO with all of its features. During the trial period, you can create fill it with test data and run through its features. If you’re convinced to go ahead; or want to use real data, that’s not a problem.

Once the Trial is up; you can decide if you move forward with your account. In case you do and have some test data; we can clear this out for you.

Within the trial, you’re also able to import client data from excel; which we highly recommend so you can really flex HERO into its maximum potential.

Does HERO integrate with other applications and systems?

HERO currently works seamlessly with XERO. Enabling your accounting practice to post all the invoices right through to XERO. This way you no longer need to worry about copy and pasting invoices from spreadsheets or other accounting software.

HERO is currently in the process of building an open API; as part of that process it is also integrating with other applications. If you want HERO to speak to another system/process speak to us.

Why should I use HERO?

HERO has been built with Accountants for Accountants.

We understand that running your accounting firm can be difficult. Hence we want to make running your firm as easy as possible.

This means we want to take away everything that consumes your time (as practice owner); where it should not and empower you to spend more time on the important parts of your business.

Accounting practices working with HERO have found that the time saving provided solely through the included notification service pays off its own cost. The value is given to yourself and your team, knowing that you’re easily making deadlines and helping clients avoid potential fines is priceless.

Through the enhanced reporting and profitability report on a per-job level; several accounting firms have identified loss-making services and clients; and turned them into profitable ones. Truly highlighting how HERO saves the day.

Are there upfront costs or additional fees?

HERO starts at €15/per user per month, this includes all the necessary support.

During the first month; we’ll assist you with on-boarding through a number of training sessions; as well as video tutorials which walk you through all the elements of HERO. We also provide assistance with the intial configuration as each practice offers slightly different services with different setups.

Each account, however, will come pre-set with the common configuration used in your jurisdiction* (given that we have had previous clients from that jurisdiction)

In case additional in-person training is required; an additional training fee would apply. Whilst additional features to HERO within your current plan will be rolled out at no extra cost; we do provide the facility to set-up additional custom reports for your firm at a Fee. Proprietary/process specific reports are not shared with other customers.

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